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Established over 30 years ago, RTK is at the forefront of providing businesses and individuals ways of dealing with disruptive electromagnetic fields.



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The Nordic Leader in 5G & EMF Radiation Shielding

RTK is a supplier of everything that reduces electromagnetic fields, which provides a healthy environment for people and an interference-free environment for machines and computers.RTK also helps with measurement, advice and measures of electromagnetic fields. RTK's business concept is to work for a better electrical environment by maintaining high quality products and services.



Microwave meters

We have a large range of instruments for measuring high-frequency electromagnetic fields. This type of electromagnetic field arises, for example, around mobile masts, radio and TV masts, computers, mobile phones, cordless equipment such as tablets, baby monitors, cordless telephones (DECT) and base stations for wireless internet, microwave ovens...

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New products

How to reduce

Learn how to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields in our homes, schools and workplaces by subscribing to our RTK Emf Protection video channel on You Tube

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