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You can easily measure and protect yourself against radiation with the right equipment

RTK helps businesses and individuals deal with disturbing electromagnetic fields and EMC disturbances by providing radiation reduction products. RTK also helps with measurement, advice and measures of electromagnetic fields. RTK's business concept is to work for a better electrical environment by maintaining high quality products and services.

Protect yourself from electromagnetic fields with shielding materials

Wireless radiation enters the building easily from windows (unless the glass has a metal coating) and are blocked to some extent by the walls depending on the thickness and type of structural material.

Electromagnetic shielding materials are special fabrics, window films, meshes, wallpapers and paints that protects more than 99% of wireless radiation due to their special conductive composition.

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How to reduce

Learn how to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields in our homes, schools and workplaces by subscribing to our RTK Emf Protection video channel on You Tube

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