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Radiation Protection For Cell Phone

Reducing Radio Frequency Exposure from Cell Phones and tablets

  • Reduce the amount of time spent using your cell phone.
  • Turn off WiFi + mobile data + Bluetooth when not needed (under quick settings).
  • Download what you/the kids are going to watch if possible, then turn off Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth is not recommended, it is mostly used for wireless headphones that radiate every second in standby.
  • Use surf cable as often as possible when using your mobile phone or tablet. By connecting a mobile phone or tablet to the internet router via a network cable so-called "ethernet", you can surf completely without radiation from your mobile / tablet.
  • Use speaker mode or Air-tubes hands-free to place more distance between your head and the cell phone. 
  • Avoid making calls when the signal is weak as this causes cell phones to boost RF transmission power.
  • Consider texting rather than talking - but don’t text while you are driving.

In the video, you will learn how to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobile and tablet: Click here


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