EMF protection Computer & Router

The best way to protect yourself from EMF radiation is to minimize your use of and maximize your distance from EMF devices. When that is not possible, there are some things you can do to reduce your exposure exponentially without having to stop using your computer, laptop, router. Here are some of them:

Fast internet
When you are connected to WiFi, your computer must emit large amounts of EMF to keep the connection stable with the router. And because EMF does not travel linearly, you will get stuck between that transfer. But there is a simple solution - fast internet. When your internet goes to the router with an Ethernet cable, most of the EMF stays inside. This will significantly reduce your EMF exposure. In addition to the fact that wired internet is faster, more stable and much more secure than WiFi.

No wireless devices
Many people prefer to use wireless accessories with their desktops - such as wireless keyboards, mice and headphones. Most of the products use either Bluetooth or RF (radio frequency) to connect to your computer. Therefore, you should always choose their wired options. They will give you an identical experience, minus the massive EMF exposure.

EMF protection products
In cases where you can not drive with fixed internet, we recommend our radiation-reducing protection products.


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