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Product Description:

The WiFi router shielding guard is a Shielding, EMF protection net that can be placed over a WiFi router/hub/modem/baby monitor to protect the user from excessive microwave radiation exposure. It can be used either as a temporary or permanent WiFi shield.

The WiFi Router cover radiation shield blocks and shields yourself and your family from the EMF, electromagnetic field, your WiFi emits 24 hours a day. The WIFI Router cover radiation shield blocks about 97% of the EMF emitting from the WiFi routers. 

Some internet boxes transmit high frequency electromagnetic fields even if the Wifi function is off. The router cover is made of a fabric made of metal, similar to a Faraday cage. Easy to use, place the box in the protective bag and your exposure to high-frequency radiation is significantly reduced. The small leakage that exists is sufficient for the function, but the range decreases slightly. The protective bag is sewn from the Daylite fabric and is very airy so the heat can easily escape. The cords go out between the buttons that close the bag on one side.

Reduces radiation by 97% (at mW / m2). The router cover closes with 4 push buttons. The cords go out between the buttons.

If instead the router is fixed to the ceiling or wall, we sew it for you. Then email info@rtk.se the measurements length, width and depth on the WiFi router.

Note! The protection is only intended for WiFi and bluetooth, as they have a fixed output power. It is not as easy with the mobile phone because it increases in strength as the reception from the cell tower outside deteriorates.

SIZE: 33x42cm



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