Limit values ​​for electromagnetic fields, EMF


A: The Radiation Safety Authority and ICNIRP (EU) -

B: World standard for monitors Central organization of civil servants -

C: Recommendation from the industry-independent research group Bioinitiative -

Limits for EMF

A. 61 V/m (volts per meter) = 10 W/m2 (watts per square meter) = 10 million µW/m2 (microwatts per square meter)

C. 0.11 V/m = 0.000 030W/m2 = 30 µW/m2

A B and C are explained above the table

Today's limit values ​​for microwave radiation are based on the heating effect in our cells, so-called "thermal effects".

Tomorrow's limit values ​​are based on so-called "non-thermal effects" such as e.g. the calcium leakage from the blood into our cells when we are exposed to magnetic fields or microwave radiation at low levels. When calcium enters the cells, enzymes are activated that produce nitric oxide inside the cells. When nitrogen oxide meets oxygen, nitrogen dioxide is formed, it is the same highly toxic gas as from diesel cars.

V/m volts per meter is used both for low-frequency E-fields and high-frequency EMF microwave radiation

µT microTesla, mG milligauss and A/m ampere per meter are used for M-field

µW/m2 micro watts per square meter or V/m is used for high frequency EMF microwave radiation


Frequency (Hz, Hertz) is the number of changes from plus to minus per second or from north to south pole and back, per second. Emf moves at the speed of light and at a distance of a few wavelengths from the source, an electric field transforms into an electromagnetic field, the same thing happens with a magnetic field. It corresponds to a few dm with mobile radiation. For 50Hz, the wavelength is 6000km, so low frequency 50Hz fields are only electric or magnetic or both, but are not a homogeneous electromagnetic field.

For magnetic fields, it differs between TCO and BIO, from 200 to 0.1µT = 2000 times

200µT can be found in the worst place in a switchgear. Recalculated as 0.2µT=1A/m=2mG

For microwaves, it differs between TCO and BIO, from 61 to 0.033V/m = 1800 times

but if you count in W/m2, the difference is 3 million times. (V/m*A/m=W/m2)


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