Tips for electrosensitive people

At Bilia there are new cheap diesel cars, made by Dacia in various models, which can be ordered without electric features. Check that the tires are not magnetized with a compass.

Mobile phones
Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data when you don't need them by swiping from the top down on the display (quick settings) and turn off their icons. Wi-Fi is always on and transmitting even when it is not in use. Some apps can cause the phone to hang if mobile data is turned off, then remove these apps.

Heat pumps
Heat pumps often cause problems for electrosensitive people, they can generate radio waves, dirty electricity and rotating magnetic fields. A model that seems kinder than average is an air/air heat pump type Mitsubishi MSZ-SSF35VE.

Dye Swiss-Shields cotton fabrics
Swiss-Shield Naturell and Swiss-Shield Wear can be dyed with vegetable dyes. Heat or boil the plant parts according to the instructions, then let the water cool to 60 degrees, soak the fabric to be dyed in cold water, then place the fabric carefully in the dye bath and let it sit for a few hours. Rinse the washed fabric a few times afterwards, wash separately.

With fiber comes a new router. With routers, there is a lot of Wi-Fi radiation regardless of whether the user is using it WiFi or not. Some routers have a switch off button for Wi-Fi on the outside, others have to be set via the computer so that Wi-Fi is disabled with e.g. internet explorer.

Best is to have a cable network for the computers and turn off Wi-Fi.

The radiation from WiFi can otherwise be reduced with router protect: Click here or by wrapping around a piece of shielding fabric: Click here

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