3D Electrosmog Measuring Kit "Professional" MK70-EW

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Product Description:

Our top devices for dedicated building biologists

The combination of our "Top 3" measuring instruments opens up outstanding analysis possibilities of the entire frequency range to be considered - the ultimate tools for the dedicated building biologist especially with regard to 5G, Smart Meters and Dirty Power. A range of features and functionalities tailored to building biology practice.  The world's most widely used RF and NF broadband meters among professional members of building biology associations.

HFE59B Radio and microwave meters for 27 MHz to 3.3 GHz

  • HF59B with extra accessories.
  • High accuracy ± 3 dB
  • Rechargeable battery with charger.
  • AC output intended for audio analysis of the modulation frequency
  • DC output intended for logging the radiation intensity
  • Measures the difference between pulsed and unpulsed radiation
  • Finds the transmitter at 10 degrees when.
  • Wider frequency range from 27MHz - 3.3 GHz with optional antenna
  • Switches for higher accuracy in radar and UMTS measurements.
  • Measures peak value on single pulses that come less often than 1 sec in radar mode.
  • Sensitivity range 0.01 µW / m² - 19.99 mW / m² (equivalent to 0.002 - 2.8 V / m, 66-128 dBµV / m) without amplifier.
  • The voltage at the antenna input can drive active accessories.


  • Swedish and english manual
  • 2 antennas: LogPeridosik drawing sensitive antenna finds the radiation source at 10 degrees when + broadband horizontal isotropic UBB27_G3 antenna (UBB27 measures from 4µW / m² in "full" mode and from 0.01µW / m² in "pulse" mode).
  • High-pass filter HP800_G3, blocks frequencies below 800 MHz.
  • Amplifier HV10_27G3 (15dB) makes it possible to measure below 0.001 µW / m² (equivalent to 56 dBµV / m).
  • Attenuation set DG20_G3, makes it possible to measure up to 1999 mW / m².
  • Bag K7

NFA1000 3D Electric and magnetic field analyzer

HFW59D Microwave Meter 2.4 - 10 GHz

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