LF Analyser ME3830B

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Product Description:

Electric and magnetic field meter to be able to measure fields from trains, electrical installations and HF lighting. Frequency range 16 Hz -100,000 Hz.

In addition to all the functions of the ME3030B:

  • It covers the full frequency response required by the building biology standard: 16 Hz to 100 kHz. And it is – unique in this price range – fully compensated up to 100 kHz for flawless results.

The device fulfills all the other advantages of the series:

  • The reading shows the total contamination directly in the unit that corresponds to the building biological standard values - without any calculation required.
  • It measures magnetic AND electric fields based on scientifically accepted measurement methods and with high sensitivity (screen resolution: 1 nT or 1 V/m).
  • The "Geiger counter effect" helps identify areas of increased LF stress.
  • The accompanying detailed measurement instructions enable the user to perform relevant measurements of EMF – even without technical expertise. With the help of this instrument you can detect - even dark - sources of LF pollution.
  • The manual also contains recommendations for limit values according to the building biology standard SBM, which enable a meaningful assessment of the personal level of EMF pollution.


  • Electric fields 1-2000 v/m, grounding cable included, for possible grounding of the measuring instrument when searching for a source of interference
  • Magnetic fields 1-2000nT, 1-axis measurement, the measuring instrument is rotated to find the direction and strength of the field
  • There is a tone signal that increases with increased search field, the tone signal can be turned off
  • Accuracy: ±2%, ±20 units, better than -2 dB
  • Battery 9 volts, low battery warning and automatic shutdown
  • Swedish user manual
  • Dimensions: 74 x 180 x 32 mm (width, length, depth)
  • 2 year warranty

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