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MK70-3D plus2.2 Mätväska

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Product Description:


Radio and microwave meter 27-3300 MHz, optimized for GSM, UMTS (3G), 4G, DECT, WLAN etc.

Rechargeable battery with charger.

AC output intended for audio analysis of the modulation frequency

DC output intended for logging the radiation intensity

Measures any pulsed or continuous + pulsed radiation

Finds the transmitter at 10 degrees when.

Highest accuracy ± 3 dB

Frequency range 27 - 3300 MHz measuring instrument

Frequency range 800 - 3000 MHz included log. Periodic antenna

Switches for higher accuracy in radar and UMTS peak value measurements.

Top value memory

Sensitivity range 0.01 µW / m² - 19.99 mW / m²

Swedish and english manual

Accessories included HFE59B:

Amplifier HV10_27G3 for measuring radiation weaker than 0.02 µW / m², measures down to 0.4 nW / m²

Attenuator DG20_G3 for measuring radiation stronger than 20,000 µW / m², measures up to 2 W / m²

HP800_G3 high-pass filter 800 MHz, ie blocks frequencies below 800 MHz, only higher frequencies pass.

UBB27 Quasi-isotropic antenna (not directional in the horizontal plane) for the entire frequency range 27-3000 MHz


Now you have the opportunity to measure only one system. Set it to e.g. UMTS / 3G and only that signal passes through, other frequencies are attenuated by 50-60 dB.

The filter can be used together with other amplifiers and attenuators etc.

The filter is mounted between the antenna and the instrument. There are 11 different modes:

Allpass / low pass 480 MHz / TETRA / LTE800 / GSM900 / GSM / LTE1800 / DECT / UMTS / LTE2600 / WLAN.



Microwave meters for WLAN, Bluotooth, 4G etc. measures from 2.4 to 10 GHz

For frequencies for wireless transmission including the new standard for Bluetooth, WLAN, WiFi and WIMAX.

With a specially tuned LogPer antenna (patented).

DC output for logging

HV20_2400G10 Amplifier 20dB (100 times)

Mobile and DECT frequencies are prevented with a steep high-pass filter for an error-free analysis of the frequency range 2.4 - 10 GHz.

A good complement to Gigahertz Solutions' other range.

Switchable measuring range 0.1 - 199.9 µW / m² or 1 - 1999 µW / m². Corresponds to 0.006 - 0.868 V / m

Display is done with digital display.

Sound analysis of pulsed radiation sources with speakers and volume control.

Switchable to optionally measure peak value or average value.



With 3D electric field measurement, neither the body nor protective earth is used as a measurement reference, you can now measure the actual electric field without affecting it yourself. If you want, you can also make simpler electric field measurements as before with or without a ground wire.

With 3D magnetic field measurement, you get the right value no matter how you direct the instrument. LEDs show which direction is dominant.

Fields from dirty electricity can be easily measured with the new peek function and with the frequency filter set at over 2 kHz.

Built-in 4-channel logger with removable 4 GB SDHC memory card for XYZ + optional internal or external signal (eg value from HF59B) + Audio recording.

Sampling speed of up to 110,000 values ​​per second provides with the PC the program that is included: Analysis of dirty electricity such as µT / s etc. USB connection available.

FFT analysis is not included, valid until further notice.

Frequency range 5 Hz - 1 MHz

Sensitivity 1 nT - 19.99 µT and 0.1 - 1999 V / m

Internal Li-Ion Accumulator battery for 36-48 hours.

Frequency filter: 16.6 | 50/60 | 100/120 | 150/180 | Rest <2kHz | > 2kHz

TCO3 E-field probe

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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