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HF59B Mikrovågsmätare

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Product Description:

Radio and microwave meters 27-3300 MHz, optimized for GSM, UMTS (3G), LTE (4G), 5G, DECT, WLAN etc.

- Rechargeable battery with charger.

- AC output intended for audio analysis of the modulation frequency.

- DC output intended for logging the radiation intensity, can be connected to NFA's built-in logs.

- Measures the difference between pulsed and unpulsed radiation

- Finds the transmitter at 10 degrees when.

- Highest accuracy ± 3 dB, NOTE applies to measuring instruments and antenna together. 0--6dB for 2700-3300MHz.

- Frequency range 27 - 3300 MHz measuring instrument

- Frequency range 700 - 3300 MHz included log.periodic antenna

- Switches for higher accuracy in radar and UMTS measurements.

- Top value memory for single pulses that come less often than 1 sec. for example radar and 3G

- Sensitivity range 0.01 µW / m² - 19.99 mW / m² (equivalent to 0.002 - 2.8 V / m)

- Swedish manual


Suitable accessories:

Bag large K2 also has room for antennas and 2 more instruments with accessories.

Amplifier HV10_27G3 for measuring radiation weaker than 0.02 µW / m², measures down to 0.4 nW / m²

Amplifier HV30_27G3 for measuring radiation weaker than 0.02 µW / m², measures down to 0.01 nW / m²

Attenuator DG20_G3 for measuring radiation stronger than 20,000 µW / m², measures up to 2 W / m²

HP800_G3 high-pass filter 800 MHz, ie blocks frequencies below 800 MHz, only higher frequencies pass.

UBB27 Quasi-isotropic antenna (not directional in the horizontal plane) for the entire frequency range 27-3000 MHz

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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