EMF Bed Canopies

Shielding the sleeping area with the help of a Canopy - The body heals during sleep

An EMF bed canopy - also known as a Faraday tent - is a special piece of fabric designed to block electromagnetic frequencies while covering your bed as you sleep. The canopy protects against 5G as well as the radiation from WiFi routers, masts, 4G, 3G, GSM, smartphones, DECT phones, Bluetooth, electricity meters and many other sources of microwave/RF radiation. Canopies are effective against high-frequency electromagnetic fields such as mobile phone radiation, etc. Also works as a Faraday cage against low frequency electric fields. These canopies act as a screen cage and the fabric contains very thin silver threads that dampen the radiation effectively. You cannot see with the eye that it is a special fabric.The body heals and recovers during sleep.

If a canopy is used one floor up or higher, a screening mat on the floor under the bed is recommended, which provides screening in all directions. In this way, you can create a so-called Faraday cage that shuts out radiation more effectively.

2 month trial warranty and the right to return and get 80% back. Does not apply to sleeping bag and Safecave.



Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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