Fabrics that effectively reduce EMF radiation

Fabrics that effectively reduce EMF radiation

Protect yourself from 5G as well as the radiation from WiFi routers, masts, 4G, 3G, GSM, smartphones, DECT phones, Bluetooth, electricity meters and many other sources of microwave/RF radiation by using fabrics with emf protection. In this section you will find EMF radiation protection fabric to protect your windows, sleeping environment or even your body. The various EMF protective fabrics offered are made of materials that can block EMF. Once you have determined the type of EMF you need to screen from, you can choose between EMF fabric for clothing, EMF blocking material for your electronics or EMF shielding fabric for curtains, drapes or bedding. 

All our fabrics is effective protection against electromagnetic radiation as mobile phone radiation and similar radiation.

Sold per meter, for example enter 2,1 for 2,1m.


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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