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Q I have read that if you screen with nets, different mesh densities are required depending on the wavelength, but I don't know if that is true. Could it be that you shield/reduce 2.4 GHz but that 5 GHz slips through?

The larger the meshes, the easier it is for higher frequencies to pass through. But it's not that some frequencies get through and others don't, but it's just different amounts, measured in dB or %, that are stopped at different frequencies. The shielding effect at different frequencies is shown both as a diagram and table on page

Q Is "average" the same as "heat development"?

If you draw a diagram with radiation pulses and time, the average value is how big the surface of the pulses is, while the peak value shows how high the pulses are. For SAR value which is heat, only the mean value is interesting. For other biological effects that occur at lower radiation intensity, it is the peak value that is the most interesting of the two.

Q I have a Samsung galaxy A3. Is it radiation cable Android that I should have then?

Q My router has no antennas, but Telenor says they are inside and that there is wifi in it, and it is 15x22 cm. Then it's probably the smaller one I should have. It radiates 2.4 ghz.

Q When the router is completely turned off, can it still beam? It says so on your page.

Q When I turn off wifi and mobile data, is radiation gone or?

Q Can people call me? When you have your protection on your mobile phone and router, can there be interference when you call or watch TV or data?

Your Galaxy 3 may be too old to handle the internet connection with a USB-C adapter and data cable to the router. But just order one and try it. If it doesn't work, you can send it back. see

The small bag fits your router, see If you unplug the power cable to the router, it can never beam, but WiFi can be restarted from the operator if it's just turned off. the router may also contain a DECT transmitter that cannot be switched off. If you turn off mobile data, wifi and bluetooth, calling and texting still work, but not mms and most apps. The apps work with the adapter and the cable to the router, you can then call without radiation with messenger and skype etc. Normal calls and text messages still only work with wireless. There will be no interference with our protections. The only thing that can happen is that the wifi from the router does not reach as far, but this usually does not cause any problems.

Q Is it not necessary to measure WiFi at 5 GHz, or does WIFi occur at 5 GHz alone or together with 2.4 GHz?

Yes, in practice they act together because no one goes in and just turns off 2.4GHz.

Q A computer looking for a network, does the HF35C detect it?

Yes it does.

Q Will I be able to measure the radiation from remotely read water and electricity meters with the HF35C?

There are many different systems and frequencies for remote reading. The HF35C can handle some of them but the HFE35C can handle it better.

With the HF35C, will I be able to measure what the mast gives for background radiation in my home and my neighbors' DECT/WiFi?

Yes absolutely.

Q I thought it was a little strange in the video that the sound reproduction stuck to one sound. There should be all possible frequencies that would cause the instrument to play all possible sounds simultaneously. Assume that I am standing in a room with WiFi radiation, but want to measure whether the neighbor has a DECT. Can I set the HF35C so that it only measures what I want?

When there are several sources that are almost equally strong, they are heard at the same time. The numbers show the strongest, you can also hear on the sound which is the strongest. Gigahertz frequency filter FF10 only lets through selected frequencies.

Q Does a regular cell tower emit other smog as well, which maybe even though I think I'm sleeping fairly radiation-free, in fact makes me bathe in frequencies that I just haven't been able to measure with the HF35C?

No, you can measure a normal mobile mast with the HF35C.

Q Do the fabrics protect the blood brain barrier?

Q Low-frequency radiation from wireless internet or mobile technology which, according to Leif Salford's studies, opens the blood-brain barrier after 2 min: do fabrics protect against this? Know where this type of radiation is found? Our need is primarily to protect our children from WiFi at school.

You need some knowledge to get the desired result. Salford's studies are important, but he has not studied low frequency fields but weak microwave radiation. All microwave radiation is high frequency (HF, RFR is measured in MHz, GHz). Our electrical system is low frequency (LF, ELF measured in Hz). Power and frequency are different things even though higher frequency contains more energy. Think of a transistor radio P1 and P3 are on different frequencies but the strength is in the volume control and the output/distance from the radio station.

Salford's studies are included in the compilation of independent research from 2000 different studies available at  

Independent researchers find biological impact down to 30µW/m2 (microwatts per square meter) and recommend 3µW/m2 as a limit value. Our authorities' limit value is 10,000,000µW/m2. If you compare these values ​​in another unit such as volts per meter, the difference is much smaller, 0.04V/m or 61V/m. If you count in decibels, there is a difference of 63dB regardless of whether you count in W/m2 or V/m.

If radiation in the classroom is 300µW/m2, you need to lower it by 20dB (99%) to get down to 3µW/m2. If it is 3000µW/m2 then 30dB (99.9%) is needed, at 30000µW/m2 40dB (99.99%) is needed, etc. All our shielding materials are tested in a laboratory and you can read out the shielding ability in dB at different frequencies, but these values ​​apply to completely tight constructions. Unshielded surfaces, gaps, cables etc. are often more limiting than the ability of the shielding material.

Ask about Swiss-Shield and power lines

Does Swiss-Shield cost SEK 990 per meter?

Does Swiss-Shield dampen radiation from e.g. high voltage lines (power lines) also/partially etc. or only the radiation from wireless technology (microwave radiation)?

I am wondering if the Swiss Shield is only for mitigating the microwave radiation or if it is mitigating strong electromagnetic radiation as well. We have a large power line maybe 500 meters from where we live.

Answer: The Swiss-Shield fabrics are not used to protect against low-frequency electric or magnetic fields from power lines. The fabrics are used to protect against high-frequency electromagnetic radiation for wireless communication, such as mobile radiation and WiFi, etc. The price is SEK 990/m, the width is 2.5m = SEK 396/sqm. For example. 1.4m at SEK 990 becomes SEK 1386 and then the fabric is as big as a bed sheet 1.4x2.5m.

Ask about the car

How can electric and magnetic fields be shielded in the car?

Answer: Common problems are that the tires are magnetized and when the car rolls, alternating magnetic fields are created from the metal cords under the tread.

You can measure the magnetic field on the rubber tire before buying and mounting the tire on the rim. A free app for Android is available here: Lay the tire flat and measure the tire's magnetic field around the entire tread with the mobile app.

Another big problem is if the battery is in the tailgate and the engine is in the front. Then the battery is often grounded in the body in the tailgate and the current that goes in the plus cable produces a magnetic field that is not counteracted. To counteract the magnetic field, the battery must have an equally long minus cable that is placed close to the plus cable. The earth connection in the back is removed and the earthing then takes place in the engine compartment on/next to the generator.

The generator can also cause problems such as magnetic fields and voltage pulses. It is possible to drive for a while without a generator, just on battery. Worth trying.

Cars today have microwave transmitters such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but they can normally be switched off. In the new Tesla, you have to e.g. turn off Wi-Fi every time you start the car. Magnetic fields from fuse central/battery and the like can be reduced with mymetall.


Ask about TV

I am having problems/electrical sensitivity when using my TV and am thinking of buying a 4 way or a 6 way outlet. What is the difference between these?

Answer: Neither the 4-way socket nor the 6-way socket affects the radiation from the TV. Both are shielded so that they do not emit electric fields themselves and the included cable is also twisted to reduce the magnetic field from the cable. In the 6-way socket there is an electrical filter that protects connected equipment against transients coming from outside. As for the TV, plasma TVs always have more magnetic fields (above 2kHz) than LED TVs. Many new TVs have WiFi that can be turned off. The electric fields from the front of the TV can be diverted with an earth cable and a net such as Bobbynet or Adamantan 003.

Ask about Swiss-Shield and refrigerator

I have bought Swiss Shield from you before. Does that fabric "only" take the microwave radiation (attenuates it approx. 100 times)?

What about electromagnetic fields/radiation, does SwissShield attenuate these as well?

Or which fabric is best for electromagnetic attenuation? thinking of computers, white goods

How strongly does it attenuate radiation and what type of radiation does it attenuate? (microwaves, electromagnetic radiation...)

Answer: All our fabrics are protected against high frequency radio and microwave radiation. This radiation is also called electromagnetic radiation, i.e. both electric and magnetic due to their high frequency, they form together near the source. Microwaves are measured in dBµV/m, V/m or µW/m2. The protective effect is measured in dB (decibels) because the percentage is different depending on which measurement unit you choose. 20dB=100 times=99%, 30dB=1000 times=99.9%, 40dB=10000 times=99.99%, etc. if you use µW/m2. The protection in dB varies somewhat in different frequencies, this is measured in laboratories. In a home environment, it will not be as tight as in the laboratory, so you can count on some leaking in via cracks and holes. For protective curtains, there is often more radiation that goes around than passes through. 

In normal cases, in practice you can count on 10dB (90%*) protection with a protective curtain, 20dB (99%*) for shielding entire rooms and 25dB (99.7%*) with a good canopy. Note * The % figure applies to µW/m2.

As for low-frequency fields, these are divided into magnetic and electric fields:

Low frequency electric fields are obtained primarily from regular electricity, 50Hz 230V and are measured as volts per meter (V/m) and can be shielded with conductive fabric if the charges are led away with an earth cable (car conductor, drain conductor). Magnetic fields are obtained from current (amps), electric motors and transformers, measured as microTesla (µT) or A/m, There is no fabric that protects against low frequency magnetic fields.

The fabrics that have a conductive surface (low resistance) can be used to shield electric fields. This applies to all except the Swiss-Shield fabrics, which have their conductive surface insulated so the metal is protected against chemicals, sulfur fumes and wear. Clothing and canopies are not normally grounded. Canopies form a faraday cage so electric fields are not inside but only on the outside.

The refrigerator has a compressor at the bottom of the back that emits magnetic fields when it runs. With mymetall wrapped around the compressor, the magnetic field can be reduced by 70%. If the refrigerator has a display with numbers on the front, there are electric fields from the display and magnetic fields from the transformer that supplies electricity to the electronics. The electric fields can be grounded away with the shielding kit or a piece of Silver-Tulle grounded against the refrigerator plate. The magnetic field is not affected by protective fabrics.

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