Anti-Radiation Blankets

Use a radiation-protective blanket in cases where you do not have a network cable. Anti-radiation blankets are specially-designed blankets which shield your body from RF and EMF radiation—the kind of radiation emitted by smartphones, Bluetooth devices, and WiFi routers. It is important to note that these blankets are not capable of shielding you from ionizing radiation, like the radiation from X-rays. For that, you would need professional medical equipment.

The blankets are typically lined with a material—such as silver mesh—which blocks or attenuates the EMF waves as they pass through. The result of this attenuation is that very little EMF radiation can pass through the mesh and reach your body. 

The blankets are especially useful for pregnant mothers and babies or anyone who uses wireless technology close to the body, on holiday and on business trips in cases where you do not have a network cable.


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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