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Product Description:

Rent a week. The entire rent was credited when purchasing measuring instruments within 2 months in the same price range.

The meter measures electricity consumption, harmonics, starting currents, transients, overvoltage and undervoltage, etc.

Other measurable units are:

F Frequency

Urms Root Mean Square. RMS value voltage phase-phase.

Vrms Root Mean Square. RMS value voltage phase-zero.

Arms Root Mean Square. RMS value current.

Uthd Total Harmonic Distortion. Harmonic content voltage phase-phase.

Vthd Total Harmonic Distortion. Harmonic voltage voltage phase-zero.

Athd Total Harmonic Distortion. Harmonic content current.

Ucf Krest factor voltage phase-phase. The relationship between the peak value and the RMS value. Ideal value, achieved when the harmonic content = 0.

Vcf Krest-factor voltage phase-zero.

Acf Krest factor current.

Vunb Imbalance voltage phase-zero, stated in percent.

Aunb Obalans current, stated in percent.

PST Short-term flicker. Flicker. Normal irritation threshold = 1. Measurement is made over a short period (minutes).

Akf K factor for transformer.

W Active effect.

Wh Active energy.

BE Reactive effect.

VARh Reactive energy

VA Apparent effect.

VAh Apparent energy.

PF Power factor. Power factor. The relationship between active effect and apparent effect.

DPF Displacement Power Factor. The phase angle between voltage and current. Also called cos fi (cos j).

Tan Tangens fi (tan j).

Vh Harmonic voltage.

Ah Harmonic current.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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