Measurement of electrical environment and microwaves

We help companies and individuals with advanced measurements and to deal with disturbing electromagnetic fields and EMC disturbances. Contact us for help!

Fix Stray current
Stray current is current that goes where it shouldn't, in water pipes, district heating pipes, ventilation drums and tin roofs. That it takes those paths depends on how the protective earthing of electrical devices and building components is carried out. Stray current is by far the largest source of magnetic fields in homes and offices

  • Measuring, planning, manufacturing and installation of suction transformers
  • Training for the customer's installers
  • Repair of ground faults in 5-wire systems

Measurement of electrical environment

  • Static electric and magnetic fields
  • Low-frequency electric and magnetic fields
  • High frequency microwave radiation up to 10GHz

Low-radiation electrical installations

Measurement of electricity quality
Power, current, over and under voltage, transients, harmonics and hypertones (dirty electricity)


  • Measurement technology
  • Shielding technology
  • The research mode

Shielding and electrical sanitation

  • Office space and private homes
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