LED lamp G9 5,5W

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Product Description:

485lm corresponds to a 40W light bulb in the amount of light.

Natural LED lamp as an alternative to the conventional G9 high voltage halogen lamp with excellent color reproduction and "flicker-free" light

Low energy consumption, long service life

Building biology optimized lighting for daily use

Fits many existing shielded Biologa Danell lamps *

The quasi-continuous spectrum of the emitted light is close to that of incandescent or halogen lamps, without the part of thermal radiation (IR or infrared radiation).

Color rendering index (Ra or CRI) describes the effect of light on the color appearance of objects in comparison with daylight (not dependent on color temperature). This LED has a very good CRI of 95 compared to a light bulb with a CRI of 100.

Color temperature 2970K, is a measure of the respective color impression of a light source. Warm light colors (warm white, 2700 to 3000 K) have a low Kelvin number, cold light colors (cold white, 5000 K) have a high Kelvin number.

The light emission angle of 270º is very well suited for all applications where light bulbs have been used before.

LED lamps are made of a semiconductor and are powered by an integrated ballast. The resulting voltage produces a strong "light flicker" (pulsation) in all conventional LED light bulbs, which usually cannot be perceived with the naked eye. However, light flicker can trigger stress in our bodies. The pulsation can be reduced to a minimum (below 1%) with this building biology-optimized LED.

Plug-in socket G9: Can be used together with the G9 adapter for E14 lamp holder (41-7104) and the G9 adapter for E27 lamp holder (41-7126) for almost all commercially available luminaires with screw base. Their advantage for domestic storage is that only one type of lamp is needed for both types of lamp holders. Replacement is possible by simply pulling and plugging.

Note after use:

The LED lamp has integrated electronics (no mercury). Please hand it in at the municipality's collection point for electronic waste (do not throw it in the household waste).

* Not suitable for Biologa Danell series light shower (41-8803, 41-8904, 41-8882, 41-8904, 41-8926), salt crystal lamp (41-6226)

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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